Vacanze nella Sardegna più autentica

Welcome to Sinis

Appartamenti famiglia Pinna includes different accommodations located in Cabras and in the seaside town of Funtana Meiga.

A family business managed with a great dedication to our guests spend a unforgettable holidays in our island.

Its fortunate location will allow you to arrive the most beautiful beaches in all of Sardinia.

You will spend your holidays discovering a different paradise every day!

Our Sinis, an extraordinary combination of history, nature and clear water...


Sa Domu Antiga

Located in a perfect environment to feel closely the deepest and most rooted traditions of a close and authentic Sardinia. Sa Domu Antiga born in the deeply heart of Sinis, considered the most special natural, human, historical and cultural environment on the entire island.

Villa Gioiosa

In one of quietest and most peaceful areas of the traditional fishing village of Cabras is located Villa Gioiosa. With a unique charm, where good taste and Mediterranean flavor combine to offer the best welcome to its guests.

Villa Serena
Funtana Meiga

In Villa Serena breathe a pleasant atmosphere of the sea, where tranquility and calm surround you completely, making you feel at home. Embedded in a natural oasis of incomparable beauty, Funtana Meiga seduces by its crystal clear waters beaches and still unspoiled environments.

Appartamento Il Tramonto
Funtana Meiga

The apartment Il Tramonto, with a splendid panoramic sea view, immersed in a serene and relaxing environment, is located in the beachfront of Funtana Meiga. It boasts a superb beachfront location and also makes it easy to walk to the shore.


In Sinis there are extraordinarily intact natural ecosystems that make this territory suggestive. Seawater and lagoon landscapes alternate with Mediterranean plants and unique beaches.
The territory preserves an enormous historical, archaeological and cultural heritage, of notable landscape and identity interest.

Holidays in apartment

Spend the holidays in an apartment is much more advantageous from the point of view of space and privacy.
If you go to a hotel or a B&B, you will always be subject to the timetable imposed by the lodge, while in an apartment you can take your time calmly.
Renting an apartment means freedom.


The Phoenician city of Tharros preserves monumental ruins of public and private buildings dating from the Punic period to the Byzantine period.
It was founded at the end of the 8th century BC. by the Phoenicians in an area already frequented in the Nuragic age.


Mont'e Prama is the most important 20th century archaeological discovery of the Mediterranean.
The 28 colossi are the only stone statues that the Nuragic world has given us, dated from more of three thousand years, being the oldest in the Mediterranean.


​Many of the Sinis beaches, as Maimoni, Is Arutas and Mari Ermi, have the peculiarity of very clear sand with translucent granites of brilliant white quartz, the changes of sunlight give us a spectacular brilliance.


Cabras offers an excellent cuisine plenty of healthy and genuine elements that enhance the typical flavors of Mediterranean cuisine. The culinary preparations of our tradition are based in fish, meat and desserts, accompanied by excellent wines.

Appartamenti famiglia Pinna
Cabras, OR, Sardegna
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